Thursday, June 9, 2011


when i started this blog, i promised myself that i would only post and write about positive things. it's five in the morning and i haven't slept in a while, like, in a day plus three hours, which is quite long in my opinion. usually, when i can't sleep (this happens a lot), i go on youtube on robert (he's my iphone) and i watch taylor swift videos. it's my guilty pleasure. i search for taylor swift on ellen and i watch her talk and blink and laugh really loud for hours.

i don't get why a lot of (cool) people say taylor swift is dumb. ok, she dated joe jonas, but come on, guys, she's not dumb at all, she's just... mainstream. like a huge amount of great things and people, taylor swift is a part of the american pop culture. i have a real fascination for all those people and shows and movies and albums and books and clothes that have a great influence on a lot of people, and especially on kids and teenagers. what kids and teenagers like will define how a whole decade will be remembered. i guess i'll still think about disney channel shows and miley just being miley and the jonas brothers' purity rings and that crazy three-year-old crying over justin bieber and those robert pattinson panties and taylor swift when i'm finally an adult for good (which means in a few years i suppose). the most part of it is crap, yes. it's not even positive. miley turned into a slut of some kind, justin bieber cut his hair and robert pattinson might be facing a major nervous breakdown (read that vanity fair interview of him, it's half-depressing, half-hilarious). though, in the middle of it all is taylor swift. she's not so self-centered. she's obsessed with a lot of things and talks about it like it's normal. she writes and sings songs about her previous and most of the time catastrophic relationships. she's way too tall. she's just... likeable.

i don't like taylor swift's music - i don't even listen to it, though her music videos are pretty fun to watch when you're half-asleep feeling so tired you might as well be drunk or on drugs or something. i just enjoy listening to her talking about herself. taylor swift is self-depreciating and funny and she says crap about most of her former boyfriends and that's for good. if you read this taylor (and i doubt you ever will), please stay that obnoxious weird giant girly person. for some reason, you're what's best in american mainstream teenculture right now.


  1. ok, you're posting about Taylor.
    I won't thrown you the stone ( lol ) I've done worst, allright.