Wednesday, June 29, 2011

about music

music has always been around - from the beatles songs my mother used to sing very loud in her car to the sleepless nights spent listening to damien rice's saddest melodies when i was sixteen - and it will always be there, a nice shoulder to lean on, a friend to party with, voices and sounds and magic.

sean ono lennon

sufjan stevens

the beatles

the strokes

damien rice


so here are ten facts about music and me:

#1 i briefly met sean ono lennon once after a gig when i was fifteen or so and the only thing he told me was that my english was good. i'm gonna brag about it for the rest of my life.
#2 my friend aurore and i started a band when we were in high school along with my two best friends marie and delphine but we never made one proper song.
#3 our band was called "rainfall" and the song we tried to put together had been written by me and it was really crappy.
#4 one of my dreams came true when i saw sufjan stevens on stage for the first (and only, for now) time. i was mesmerized.
#5 listening to "i'll try anything once" by the strokes never gets boring.
#6 i give cute album names to my ipod playlists.
#7 i once danced on stage with -m- in front of like seventeen thousand people when i was twelve and it was rad, like, epic.
#8 erik satie's piano melodies calm me down.
#9 my sister and i went to abbey road in london when i was about thirteen and we did graffiti on the walls to express our love for the beatles. good times, good times.
#10 listening to music always makes me want to film stuff and write stuff and take pictures and live to the fullest - it's pure inspiration.

bonus: video (from my iphone) of sufjan stevens performing a small part of "impossible soul"

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