Friday, February 10, 2012

inspiration #11

wonderland!!!! getting really inspired by alice and peter pan and mary poppins and the wizard of oz and all that sparkles.

original alice in wonderland drawings by john tenniel

by eleanor hardwick

mary poppins

the wizard of oz

elle fanning in phoebe in wonderland

can't remember where i found this

pretty diaries from tavi's blog

jennifer connelly


by cari ann weyman

by cari ann wayman

eleanor hardwick's swan docs on monki tv

from the virgin suicides by sofia coppola

eleanor hardwick's paper bracelet on monki tv

miss world video by hole

miley cyrus as a kid

dorothy's shoes

taylor swift in a flying balcony

harry potter's mama and her fairytale dress

elle fanning in somewhere by sofia coppola

original drawing of wendy's story from peter and wendy by james matthew barrie

disney's peter and wendy

by francesca jane allen

can't remember where i found this but it looks yummy

disney's alice

jennifer connelly in pastel clothes

courtney love

by eleanor hardwick for rookie

by kalina pulit

maddie ziegler from dance moms

sufjan stevens

royal robertson

by anna hatzakis

adorable alice in wonderland themed restaurant in paris called le loir dans la théière

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